Transparency of Microcemento® composition is our strength!

Material is the basis of our work.Microcemento® is a particular mixture of cementitious elements and liquid polymers, which, when mixed, take on the consistency of soft mortar.

Mortar must be thoroughly mixed manually or by electric drill by specialized applicators before each laying. The maximum thickness that can be reached is 2 mm and has a remarkable adhesion strength, which allows it to cover any type of surface. It is an ideal product for high daily traffic or any other situation due to its high impact resistance, abrasion and compression resistance. Its elasticity allows it to withstand almost all the stresses.

The protection cycle that we have studied allows to have both Microcemento® floorings and coatings in external and internal. Resists to UV rays and bad weather.

We only use Italian raw materials!

Microcemento® is obtained from the mixture of VOC-free (volatile organic compounds) natural minerals. A special liquid polymer mixed with the Microcemento® finish allows to obtain a fine mortar, easy to work.

A handmade product! A Custom Made Product!

Microcemento® is a handcrafted product, hand-prepared and mixed during each construction site from specialized layers. The application is completely hand-made and tailored to every construction site. After a preparation phase two layers of Microcemento® are laid and finally is given the protection.

Only 2 mm thick in 3 days!

When finished the entire cycle you will have a completely new floor or coat in just 2 mm thick. You didn’t have to demolish any tile, you didn’t create rubbish and excessive confusion. Above all you will have your new environment in just 3 days!

The results confirm the quality!

Watch our latest work to see how it could become your home with Microcemento®. PHOTO GALLERY


Material is the real protagonist and Pancotti’s guarantee is assured.