Microcemento ®, the trademark registered by Pancotti, has almost completed 10 years. The secret of so much success? Being the most imitated.

Pancotti over 10 years ago intercepted the changes in urban design that had so much success in Europe. He has created the Microcemento ® brand that is inspired by concrete textures and colours.

Choosing Microcemento ® means giving the ambience a metropolitan style that resembles the atmosphere of industrial lofts. A style that is characterized by materials such as iron, bricks and concrete, by neutral colors and by a furnishings that ranges from modern to retro decor.

Pancotti Surfaces has created a real turning point in the world of continuous flooring. Established in 2008, the system was the only sustainable alternative to chemical products used for continuous surfaces. The national launch of Microcemento ® mineral coatings dates back to the international exhibition MADE EXPO 2010.

Addressing the Pancotti Surfaces, it means focusing on quality, experience, originality and reliability of branded products. In addition Made in Italy guarantee is another strength of the company. There is in fact a scrupulous care and research of raw materials as well as a meticulous selection of pigments. Microcemento ® creates harmonious surfaces that can transform any type of environment.