Why choose Microcemento ®?

Why choose Microcemento ®  Pancotti and not resins?

Many people ask me, “what’s the difference between Microcemento ® Pancotti and the microcements?” I answer: “The same difference between a branded item and one sold at the market stalls.” Choosing branded products means relying on serious companies that are professionally looking to protect their products without having to go for shortcuts by copying the work of others. Other operators in the industry think that using industrial products such as Mapei can be the same as craftsmanship. Of course, each product is a bearer of knowledge and in some cases of excellence. Choosing Registered Products is an added value for your home.

Microcemento ® is the trademark used to distinguish the main product of Pancotti Superfici. With Microcemento ® you can obtain a continuous surface with the appearance of the concrete. For this reason, you can choose between CEMENT and LIGHT CEMENT.

In 2008, the first formulation was developed, designed to be an ecosensitive alternative to resins. Subsequently, the official launch of Microcemento ® brand during he international exhibition event MADE EXPO. Pancotti’s trademark is the Made in Italy because we are convinced of the quality and uniqueness of Italian products, appreciated all over the world.

The Pancotti surfaces communicate in harmony with every kind of environment, both inside and outside. Their versatility allows to cover floors and walls, shower enclosures and work surfaces, stairs, terraces, etc. … the only limit is creativity.

The aesthetic effect is to get apparently wider spaces, becoming real architectural elements. Microcemento ® is suitable for commercial spaces or for private residences. The working cycle also allows to cover old floors without having to demolish existing ones.

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