How do I clean Microcemento ®?

We have decided to add this new section as the floor maintenance requirements are increasing with Microcemento ®.

How do I clean a Microcemento ® floor? In this regard we offer a kit for both ordinary and extraordinary cleaning. In particular:

  • Anti-static Dusting
  • Microfiber Cleaner
  • Ultra-microfiber pad care
  • Degreaser cleaner
  • Concentrated detergent for intensive cleaning

Cleaning Microcemento ® is simple, follow our practical tips.

When approaching the floor cleaning, we must first carry out a scrupulous scrubbing step with a suitable vacuum cleaner with soft brushes or with anti-static wipes. Do not use scrubbers as they use too aggressive products that might penetrate the product. Do not even use vapours as too high temperatures damage the protective layer. Remember to use suitable products and that only water is not enough to degrease the surface. The most appropriate example is hand washing: aggressive products hurt our skin, only water does not deter them. Choosing the right product is very important because if it contains polishing additives they end up dying on our beautiful floor, if they contain alcoholic substances or anti-fatigue they age it.

Now you are sure you have everything you need to have a shiny floor. Aren’t you sure you have washed your floor well? Make sure the water in the bucket is clean otherwise you must start from the beginning. Good job!

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