What is Microcemento®?

In absurd words we find an unintelligible reason.

Over the course of these 10 years Microcemento ® Pancotti has distinguished itself for beauty and quality. It seems like an eternity has passed since we introduced our extraordinary product throughout Italy. it still does not seem true; after so much distrust we were able to get the brand in every region, so it was the most copied brand in the finishing industry. Every day, “young talents” boast on their site the willingness to sell some micro cement, some microtopping, some resin, a few spatulas, some t-shirts and the circus of the circus nullity. It’s because copying costs less than doing research. Copying a trademark is a crime.

Here’s the cue: what is Microcemento then? Microcemento ® is the trademark to distinguish the main product of Pancotti. With it it was intended to recreate the effect of industrial concrete through the shades of gray, in the CEMENT and LIGHT CEMENT version. Its formulation takes place through the refining of 20 different mineral parts and additives suitable to improve its performance. The peculiarity is that with only one product you can cover any type of surface, tiles, glass mosaics, wood, plaster, plasterboard and much more. It can also be used outdoors for terraces, sidewalks, pool edges, garage, stairs.

Microcemento ®  is useful for both home designers and those who have decided to save money without demolishing old tiles. A very common use example is the bathroom. Who did not want to have a salle de bain as if it was a real wellness center? Just a few days, zero demolitions and municipal permits to start work and get new and modern spaces.

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