What is Microcemento®?

Microcemento ® is the trademark to distinguish Pancotti’s flagship product. With it, it was intended to recreate the effect of industrial concrete through the shades of grey, in the CEMENT and LIGHT CEMENT version. Its formulation takes place through the refining of 20 different mineral parts and additives suitable to improve its performance. The peculiarity is that with only one product you can cover any type of surface, tiles, glass mosaics, wood, plaster, plasterboard and much more. It can even be used outdoors for terraces, sidewalks, pool edges, garage and stairs.

How do I lay a floor with Microcemento®?

To learn more, look at the application video. (Link)

Microcemento® can also be used for walls?

Yes, Microcemento ® is suitable for covering any type of surface, even vertical ones. It can be applied on plasterboard or plastered walls; it can cover tiles and marble.

I would like a uniform effect without dark/light games, is it possible?

You cannot get a completely uniform effect with Microcemento ® floors. This finish has been designed to give concrete-like effects to surfaces. Available in two versions: cement and light cement. For a uniform effect refer to Unicum®.

How much does a Microcemento® floor cost?

Given the handicraft character of the product, every job must be individually estimated. Its price will vary according to different factors, such as the size and type of surfaces, etc. It is also fundamental to carry out an on-site inspection in order to determine the price.

Can I lay Microcemento® in the bathroom?

Microcemento ® can also be laid in the bathroom, thanks to its water-repellent treatment it does not fear moisture or water.

Microcemento® is a resin?

No, Microcemento ® is of mineral and non-chemical origin such as resin; it can also be used outside, while the resin is not recommended. Microcemento ®is hand-coloured with mineral oxides while chemical colours are used for the resin. Microcemento ® does not undergo colour variations over time as the resin tends to lose colour. Microcemento ® gives a natural effect to your environment, while the resin has a “plastic” effect. Microcemento ® does not release harmful substances to adults and children.

Microcemento® d.i.y.?

Microcemento ® is for professional use only. In order to ensure high quality standards, Pancotti suggests to buy its products only through qualified staff. Laying techniques require some fundamental basic knowledge.

How is a Microcemento® surface coloured?

The colour is conferred by powdered minerals mixed directly in our laboratory. With this technique we can guarantee natural effects and colour retains over time. It is not a paint or a resin laid on the floor.

Does the colour of a Microcemento® floor change if exposed to the sun?

The colours remain unchanged over time as they form one with the floor. Since they are of mineral origin do not undergo chromatic variations, they do not yellow like resins. Pancotti floors have been built for over 10 years in areas characterized by very warm climates, while maintaining their aesthetic characteristics.

I have floor heating: can I have a Microcemento® floor?

Microcemento ® floorings have the best thermal conductivity results compared to any other flooring system. By optimizing the costs of your heating system you will get more “light” bills.

Can I also apply Microcemento® over tiles?

Yes, thanks to its strong adhesion Microcemento ® can be applied on almost any type of stable surface.

How do I clean a Microcemento® floor?

Cleaning Pancotti floors is very simple. The handy maintenance kit contains all the necessary products. It may be useful to periodically treat the floor with protective products based on self-polishing waxes in aqueous dispersion or beeswax. No soap, acid, ammonia, chlorine or any abrasive detergent products are strictly forbidden. It is recommended to use only PH neutral detergents NOT AGGRESSIVE. In the absence of these products use only hot water. More about cleaning here (links).

Is it possible to have a Microcemento®floor even outdoor?

Yes. In the case of outdoor applications it will be important to evaluate together with the applicator the floor finish that should be non-slip and the most suitable protective treatment.

If oil, coffee or other liquids fall, does the floor stain?

Pancotti Hydroprotection or Protech system responds perfectly to the needs of the customer. As a matter of fact, even if surface treatment effectively protects the floor from rapid penetration of accidental falls, it is good to remember that all liquid substances, especially those used in domestic environments such as wine, oils, vinegar, coffee, must be quickly removed from all surfaces before they can penetrate deeply.

It is also possible to realize stairs and vertical surfaces?

Sure. It is possible to realize stairs or even vertical surfaces. These are projects that require special processing, it is important to assess a certified applicator the most suitable technical solution to achieve the end result you request.

What’s the difference between Microtopping and Microcemento®?

Microcemento ® is an exclusive trademark of Pancotti, any improper use constitutes an abuse. The main difference is that Microtopping and Microcemento ® are two different products made by different companies and therefore have a different aesthetics and quality.

Are Microcemento® surfaces safe for health?

Yes, after several tests, it has been shown that Microcemento ® does not release harmful substances for adults and children into the air.

Why choose Pancotti Surfaces?

There is a fixed idea that remains at the Pancotti: aiming at the quality of life of people. The one of Pancotti is the first Italian company that has promoted the continuous mineral flooring with a very low thickness. Thanks to the twenty years experience gained in the continuous flooring industry, Pancotti Superfaces is now a reference point for the Italian market. The company manages to propose the right solution for every space: from small environments to the most prestigious villas. The research and development of new systems, 100% Made in Italy, is based on using modern technologies and the search for ever more sophisticated and high-performance materials.