Microcemento ® challenges resin

For all those who care about their health and want to know what kind of materials we come into our house here is a brief summary of the features of Microcemento ® and Resin:

Microcemento ® challenges resin!

  • Microcemento ® has mineral origins and non-chemical such as resin
  • Microcemento ® can also be used outside, while the resin is not recommended
  • Microcemento ® is hand-colored with mineral oxides while chemical colours are used for resins
  • Microcemento ® does not undergo color variations over time as the resin tends to lose color
  • Microcemento ® gives a natural effect to your environment, while resins have a “plastic” aspect
  • Microcemento ® is designed to be laid in just three days, while resin laying takes 7 days
  • Microcemento ® does not release harmful substances to adults and children.

Do you still have any doubts after reading the comparison?

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