What are the advantages of Microcemento surface?

The advantages are manifold and the more the years pass, the more positive feedback comes to us from architects and privates who have chosen it to transform their rooms. Below you will find some of the main reasons for choosing Microcemento.

A handmade product.

Microcemento is an artisan solution, each application is unique and unrepeatable. This makes the surfaces as a real art canvases. Behind each realization there is the experience and craftsmanship of Made in Italy, which means research and selection of the best raw materials.

Renew surfaces without demolishing them.

Being ideal for renovations is one of the advantages of Microcemento surfaces: it allows you to cover any type of surface without having to demolish existing ones. We therefore studied a cycle with excellent adhesion performance to materials such as concrete, ceramic, plasterboard. In this way, with just 2 mm of thickness, it is possible to cover all types of surfaces. These features allow you to transform, for example, an old bathroom in just 4 days, without having to adjust the windows and thresholds, without producing rubble.

Microcemento a modern and welcoming aesthetic.

The ability of Microcemento to adapt to any environment makes it a faithful ally for architects and interiors who want to create unique environments. Microcemento continuous surfaces adapt harmoniously both in contemporary environments and in spaces with a more classic flavor. Its aesthetic and technical characteristics make it suitable for private spaces, showrooms, shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and wellness-rooms. Be inspired by our works by browsing our photo gallery.

Comfort and well-being.

Having a continuous Microcemento surface means choosing a 100% Made in Italy finish, obtained from natural materials and respectful of Italian regulations.